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If it were a kickstarter, would you pledge?
No 9%  9%  [ 2 ]
Yes, enough to get the game 55%  55%  [ 12 ]
Yes a substantial amount potentially 36%  36%  [ 8 ]
Total votes : 22
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 PostPosted: 09 Nov, 2012 

Joined: 21 Feb, 2008
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I mean, why not? It seems like just the sort of game that while publishers may shy away from it, fans of the RTS genre would be happy to see made. GPG has already invested a fair amount of time and effort, as seen by the video blogs, so they would have plenty of good stuff to show on the kickstarter video. Lots of people already know about it and would be willing to advertise it through word of mouth. I'm the type of person who has only pledged once, for Planetary Annihilation, but this would easily turn into pledge number 2.

Kings and Castles can continue to sit idle on hard drives at GPG (unless I am mistaken and they are secretly working on it right now), but I think that it could make a very successful kickstarter project.

 PostPosted: 09 Nov, 2012 
Forum Engineer
Forum Engineer

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Enough to get the game, but I reserve my right to pledge substantially more if it looks fantastically good.

I'm not going whole-hog straight away because I've already committed myself to PA, Dysis, Eve, and MWO.

Nephylim wrote:
But, an FA army in an FA environment just looks... right.
help wrote:
Does anyone know how to use air transports? I cant get them to pick up troops.

 PostPosted: 30 Dec, 2012 

Joined: 07 May, 2010
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Yes I would pledge! Especially if it was built around mapping and modding with easy distribution thru the Steam Workshop.

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 PostPosted: 16 Jan, 2013 
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Well Kings and castles has been put on full hold now as Chris Taylor has stated they do not have experance of doing a game from scratch. Thats why there starting on a game like wildfire 1st to know what they have to do and hopefully that will help with teh development of K&C in the future as he's stated.

So its just a waiting game now :)

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