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 PostPosted: 23 Sep, 2012 
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The Battle seemed won, The Cybran sneak attacks had broken upon the sheer numbers of UEF Titans and Pillars, I was grouping up for a big push into Cybran territory when my ACU started registering large ground vibrations, they were distinct, not like an army marching, but as if it was one large unit, but that was Impossible.......or so I thought.

The Weapon crested the hill first, followed by the legs, and once the body came it to view I realized it was too late. The.....the Spiderbot started emitting a shrilling screech as the barrel started spinning, a second later the screech peaked as it swept a huge beam across my front line Pillars, they were cut down before they could even traverse their turrets. The Beam then swept over the Titans, their heavy armor plating held out for about a second before the beam cut through them as well.

My units scattered or destroyed I queued move orders for my ACU, If I could get to the Quantum Gate I could escape. I ordered all my surviving units to attack the spiderbot, hoping to buy myself time, but it marched forward, not being distracted by the tiny units assailing it, crushing several under it's feet even as it ground onwards.

I had almost made it to the Quantum Gate when that god-awful Screeching picked up in intensity suddenly, I just had enough time to check the monitors to see it sweeping towards my ACU. The Beam caught the ACU's leg, blowing out the ankle and send it crashing into a nearby power generator, the resulting explosion threw the ACU onto it's back, facing the spiderbot. With sparks flying and blood obscuring my vision I overcharged the Anti-Matter Cannon in the ACUs right arm to try and disable the damn Beam weapon, but the shot went wide, only glazing the bot's flank. As it strode closer the screeching built up again, The beam hitting the ACU right in the chest, caused a breach in the Reactor and it went critical, as the dust settled after the blast all that was left was a crater, and the Spiderbot turning towards the next base......
Just a random little Story I improved for a Pic on my Flickr account.


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 PostPosted: 23 Sep, 2012 

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...and then I died.

True story folks! That spiderbot killed me dead!

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