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 PostPosted: 02 Jun, 2012 

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Raids of Tyranny: Strato-Cons Unit List

Tech Lv. 1
Recon Unit: Traverser (Rover)
Light Assault Bot: Scrap Drone
Light Assault Rocket Bot: Vex Drone
Standard Anti-air Vehicle: Sky Skewer
Evolvable Artillery Tank: Pillager
Mine Laying Vehicle: Cretin
Tech Lv.1 Engineer: Construction Bot

Tech Lv. 2
Anti-Armor Assault Tank: Treadder Drone
Utility Vehicle: Rover V2
Tool of War: Grapple Crippler
Tactical Missile Truck: Shadow Matter
The Infantry Support Mech: The Scrap Captain
Tech Lv.2 Engineer: Construction Mech

Tech Lv. 3
Armored Assault Machine: Nightmare
High-end Energy Walker: Bolt-Action
Counter Intelligence Vehicle: Deciever
Tech Lv. 3 Engineer: Zero-G Construction Bot

Tech Lv. 4
Siege Jaguar (Experimental Recon Bot: modeled after the "Fido" from TA.)
Ancient Drill Mech (Tri-pod Mobile Mass Extractor)

The Scrap Viper (Enviromental Adaptor and Constrictor of Ships)
The Scrap Tyrant (Collossal Assault Bot)

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 PostPosted: 22 Jun, 2012 

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Raids of Tyranny: Act 2?

Lost Signal
As the "Strato Lord" and his newest companion Thunder of the "Seven Hand Node" approach the crash site, searching on foot is the only way to gain access into the cockpit of the giant wrecked cargo freighter. No signs of life were detected on scanners in the massive interior, and Dredd's ACU seems to have been unclamped from its cargo hold meaning he or someone did in fact escape. Many strange exterior marks indicate that Dredd did in fact hold out for the night because many units were seen destroyed all around the impact site including the parasite lifeforms. The site did hold a strategic advantage over the parasites due to the fact that the wreckage was built like a fortress (good for Infantry Tracking Turret's "Incline Adaption" upgrade).

As the Strato Lord continues his investigation Thunder communicates with him stating that something is emmitting some sort of signal disrupting all scrap and wrecked units. Gavin climbs aboard his ACU and begins to feel something abnormal as well with the dead machines all around him. All of a sudden both Gavin and Thunder are attacked by all sides of all sorts of scrap forces. It turns out that the dead machines were resurrected by the strange signal unknown in origin, but is believed to be emmitted from a structure and not a mobile unit due to its wide control radius.

Hold Out
You the player are relentlessly rushed immediatley in the beginning of the mission and the shear number of forces is unknown at this time. Thunder is with you to back you up, and begins to destroy the attacking scrap drones and other forces. You must construct simple defesnsive structures to keep the drones off your back while you reclaim some dead parasitic lifeforms that seem to be scattered around all over the site (The organic matter is rich in energy, but metal/mass is fairly low). As for the visual layout of your base, you are pretty much holding out in front of the crashed freighter. You can gain access to the top if you can find a route to add a tactical viewpoint for Tech Lv. 1 Infantry Tracking Turrets as well as more reclaimable scrap metal. As Thunder continues to defend you he starts to conjoin his resource production with yours granting a much larger storage in terms of mass and energy. Although you must be aware that Thunder will also start to construct Cybran Tech Lv. 2 Cerberus Gaat Guns that have an expensive energy cost (like Total Annihilation), but are extremely effective against small and quick forces.

Resources are scarce and every scrap machine you destroy yields in a much smaller quantity of mass than what it was originally worth. The signal that brings all the destroyed Strato Con machines back from the dead start out with much less "armor" and "critical component" hitpoints, but it seems they are in a much more agitated state meaning they are a bit quicker and accurate when compared to normal forces. As you reclaim and construct "Metal Extractors" and Fabricators along with basic Energy Nodes, your economy starts gradually increase in resources. Building simple Tech Lv. 1 recon units ("Traversers") to scout around the impact site grants you the locations of "burried" metal/mass deposits as well as visible ones. Constructing "Dragons Teeth" around your base is also a wise move to help stall the rushing forces as well as helping Thunder's defensive turrets secure a strategic foothold. Continuing to hold your ground is the only objective right now, so upgrading your forces is a must.

Forces of Dredd
As you start to build more combat units and upgrade your Tech Levels, your buddy Thunder sends you an old schematic of the Cybran to backwards engineer and create something new. He calls it the "Fire Beetle" crawling bomb and they were a usefull weapon back in the days of the Seraphim invasion. With new technology Gavin starts to design his very own "Evolvable" Tech Lv. 2 crawling bomb. Calling it the "Marauder", building them would be your current objective to help fight against the squads of Dredd's zombie like scrap forces. As you continue to build your army a new twist begins in the mission. The old hangar doors of the crashed freighter begin to open and many strato con aircraft poor out to destroy your base. Side Swipes, Zeros and Impactor bombers start to destroy many structures. As more aircraft come out of the wrecked hangar a massive Tech Lv. 3 Cargo Carrier emerges guarded by two other Tech Lv. 3 heavy duty "High Impact Gunships" called Terrokings.

Thunder begins to build Tech Lv. 2 Burst Master anti air turrets while also out fitting some basic AA turrets on his ACU. Thunder asks where you aquired the time to come up with such complex units in a small amount of time, and Gavin openly admits he did not design these aircraft at all. Dredd is up to something, and Gavin questions what else he has been up to. Oddly the Tech Lv. 3 Aircraft head towards the north not attacking your base at all, instead they have something else to take care of... Without hesitation you must build Tech Lv. 1 Sky Skewer AA bots and Tech Lv. 1 Nano Pierce AA turrets. As you would continue to battle out against the hornet nest of enemy aircraft the operation area would expand revealing an outpost, Thunder sees this as an oppurtunity to demonstrate what the Cybran can do when it comes to overwhelming an opponent.

As the aircraft that were released from the wrecked freighter (right behind you) continue to attack your base, Thunder enters into a cloaking stasis and remains invisible to the aircraft. Thunder goes to investigate the base and as he heads to the waypoint he encounters a massive rotting alien carcass believed to be the Lock-Jaw Slasher that retreated from the battle against Gavin last night. As Thunder gets closer to examine the massive alien, the exposed rib cage begins to bloat and many Green Parasites pour out ready to attack Thunder's ACU. As this happens one of the Tech Lv. 3 Terroking Gunships breaks off from formation to deal with the organics. Since Thunder is cloaked the Terroking Gunship does not see him and begins to destroy the creatures with very advanced weaponry.

Act 2 of the Pirates/Strato Con's story begins and each mission brings a fresh experience filled with new strategies and twists everytime. Massive organics make a come back in this mission, but it seems that Dredd had secret designs and schematics that were not shared with his faction's team mates. Undead wreckage, a signal, new machines and no sign of their commander.

 PostPosted: 14 Jul, 2012 

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I have to say the pirate idea is pretty nice.

 PostPosted: 08 Jan, 2013 

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Raids of Tyranny: Mission Update
Listen to this while you read.
Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation ... HKxz_Wo-3Q
Such beautiful science fiction music man...Echoes of the Pirate Faction

Lost Signal Continued
As Thunder approaches the pirate outopost, he begins to capture the many defensive turrets and structures, once successful Thunder starts to slowly repair the new base by adding a little Cybran infrastucture to the mix. "Cerberus Gaat Guns" and more anti-air towers. As Gavin proceeds to upgrade the base and continue to defend the position more organic parasite creatures begin to attack as well, sidetracked the zombie like forces of Dredd switch targets and begin to attack the aliens. It is here where Gavin states that the only way to stop the rush is to go for the hives of the parasites. Thunder complies and begins to immediatley send "Hunter" Light Assault bots and other strike forces as scouts.

An Unexpected Entity
Operation area expanded...As you build an army Thunder begins to switch military tactics and build lots of air units, while you concentrate on ground assault units. Micro managing becomes easier and the scouts find the hive locations one is fairly easy to take out, but the other is surrounded by a thick swamp like enviroment. Your land forces can traverse through, but recieve a speed declination to to the changes of physics. "Charge Chewers" and a pretty sizable squadron of parasites hide in the swamp and can catch your machines off guard it is here where Gavin realizes the parasites are being commanded by a greater central intelligence.

Identified as the "Nueral Command Creeper" this new breed of parasite seems to act like some sort of field officer or in this case a support command unit of some sort. Guarding the Nureal Command Creeper is an "Acid Lord" and lots of anti-air "Spew Stalker" parasites. Overwhelming firepower is the only way possible to defeat such a force. Once Gavin starts to approach new land mine based explosive acidic nodes are littered all over the place and can inflict enormous damage to your units, since some are under the swampy waters they can be difficult to spot. Once successfully dealing with the Acid Lord the Nueral Command Creeper shows itself and begins to attack, once destroyed the creature explodes with a small yield acidic blast doing lots of damage and destroying many units in a wide radius. Many mass deposits are revealed and a new outpost/base would be wise to construct here.

Signal Traced
Once the parasite's hive base is dealt with, all that remains of them are some patrols that pose little of a threat. While Gavin was dealing with the hive Thunder was scanning and tracing the signal that was ressurecting the agitated pirate machines. The operation area expands revealing many large trees and pirate "Dragons Teeth" fortifications, Thunder openly admits that the design scheme of your faction definetely thinks outside of the box and Gavin approves. Thunder states to be watchful for the deadly Tech Lv. 3 Terroking Gunships that disappeared earlier in the fight and so begins to construct Cybran intercepters and gunships of his own.

As the tech levels of your base increase more options would be displayed in terms of research upgrades for existing forces. "Recon Boots" help the Scrap and Vex Drones vault over wreckage of dead machines while also helping the ability to traverse through shallow watery/swamp enviroments. "Semi-Auto Targeting Reticule" for the scrap drones also is another example of an accuracy upgrade. As Thunder upgrades his forces he decides to send out wave after wave of aerial forces and as the pirate base is revealed a mega structure of some sort is briefly spotted by his planes. Thunder forwads the intel to Gavin and he openly admits that this structure schematic was never part of his faction. Thunder concludes it is an experimental hub that can resurrect dead pirate forces for miles, how it does it is unknown.

Gavin strategizes by amassing the new "Marauder" crawling bombs with stealth technology and collaborates with Thunder by stating that transport carriers could be useful in terms of quick and unexpected deployment. As Thunder begins to build Tech Lv. 2 Cybran transports he says to continue building other land assault forces as reinforcements while he sends out other attack craft as a diversion. As you attack the enemy base defensive turrets are peppered all over the place as well as pirate patrol forces. Once the experimental signal hub reaches 50% armor output large sized land based amphibious transports emerge from the adjacent lake. Spawning out of the cargo holds are well organized fully upgraded elite Scrap, Vex, and Treadder Drones, mixed with upgraded Sky Skewer anti-air tanks. Thunder says "holy shi..." and states will this ever end?!...

Dredd proves to be a man with secrets, discovering all these new units without having any of them in your arsenal. The Experimental Pirate Signal Hub has been found & soon Dredd's fate shall be discovered, but first a new threat emerges...

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 PostPosted: 09 Jan, 2013 

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Raids of Tyranny: New Mission Continued

Lost Signal Part 3
Dreaded Technology, Anomally Detected!
As the two commanders take on the elite force of Dredd, Gavin states that these units have many kills probably due to the fact that there were many creatures last night. Thunder states "Yeah, but fully upgraded?, I didn't see many research facilities back at the crash site." Gavin then concludes that another large base cannot be too far. As the two commanders keep assaulting the outpost the experimental hub eventually explodes destroying nearby units. Dredd's remaining elite group of units and patrols then retreat and regroup at the final pirate base. As Thunder sends air scouts to gain intel, numerous dead parasites are littered all around along with some craters embedded in the marshland, and gigantic tree roots. He also points out that there are pop up point defenses disguised as wreckage. Thunder admits to stay alert for artillery strikes as there is significant evidence of some Pirate Artillery Installations.

As you make the final push, your screen zooms to the original crashsite base and states that an anomally has been detected. Suddenly the rear hull of the ship begins to thud and bulge itself outward a new "Prototype" bipedal robot called the "Chain Trooper" kicks and stomps its way out of the ship holding a new chain gun like weapon with an "Acidic Round" upgrade. Roughly the size of a Sub Command Unit, the Chain Trooper attacks both air units and land! Immediatley all your original defensive turrets from the beginning of the mission begin to open fire as the Chain Trooper continues to rip apart your resource structures and factories. If unprepared this would be a possible "Game Over" scenario. Thunder asks why didn't you see this thing when you were investigating the ship? Gavin then states lots of the ship was inaccessable except the ACU clamping area. The aircraft that emerged earlier proved also that this half of the ship was large enough to store all those secret units, unless they were deactivated the entire time and now have been activated by something...

As both commanders discuss about the situation and the Chain Trooper has about 25% Armor health, another Chain Trooper emerges from the original parasite hive's adjacent swamp which is located behind the hive. Covered in swamp like reeds and water dripping off of the exterior of the unit, the hidden Chain Troopers lied dormant the entire time and both Thunder and Gavin are amazed. As the first Chain Trooper dies dropping his massive chain gun the core within the unit emits a thunderous synthetic roar and implodes within itself damaging nearby units. As Thunder rushes gunships and bombers to the outpost to destroy the second trooper, more pirate forces head to the original experimental signal hub's base. It is here where the player must focus on creating an army while dealing with the Chain Trooper and resource output.

Siege of the Pirates
As you destroy the second Chain Trooper with your myriad of pirate forces, all that is left is to commence the siege on Dredd's base. As Thunder's Cybran army as well as your own both march forward artillery strikes quickly light up the battlefield. You must push up to the base as you do this the operation area expands revealing not only the last base, but another gigantic ancient Earth Empire fortress. All of Dredd's remaining forces regroup to take on your assault and the Tech Lv. 3 Terroking gunships open fire decimating lighter forces. Assisting the Terrokings are Dredd's Elite Scrap forces along with a plefora of defensive turrets of all sorts. Destroying everything in sight is the only option, but while all this happens the Tech Lv. 3 Air Transport seen in the beginning of the mission shows up flanking your army with a newly deployed Chain Trooper.

If you survive, Dredd's severley damaged ACU is seen docked inside the ancient fortress. As you investigate Dredd finally sends a very static transmission, to Gavin saying to not shoot as he does this a mysterious artificial intelligence talks to you saying that the facility is off limits to non Earth Empire personell. Gavin states to the AI to clear up the static and so it complies, here Dredd says that he seeked refuge in this ancient Earth Empire fortress while he unleashed his arsenal of units and experimentals to help destroy the nocternal alien creatures, not knowing a secret & ancient artificial intelligence was still operational. Gavin begins to communicate by simply implying that they could help each other. The AI responds that it has great purpose in safeguarding the old fortress, but the Pirate Lord states that he can give a much greater purpose via joining his growing faction.

Believing that that the mysterious Strato Con/Pirate Lord was sincere, the AI agrees and states that it has long been forgotten on this restricted giga woodland planet. "Hedron" is the name of the AI, part of an Earth Empire project long ago and left to safeguard the facility from creatures. Dredd asks if Hedron is aware of the race known as the Seraphim and responding quickly it says yes. Thunder then introduces himself to the group and states we need a gateway off planet. Hedron implies that there is no need and reveals a cloaked Earth Empire Colonial Cruiser massive in size docked at the edge of the cliff where the fortress is built upon. As Gavin downloads all the necessary credentials on the "Hedron Project" Thunder and Dredd dock there ACU's in the cargo hold and begin discussing strategies and the new pirate units with each other.

As Thunder, Dredd, Gavin and Hedron set off for a new world to build a headquarters the Pirate Lord remembers Cleave taking Sabrina and his scientists of Captain Clyde's martian world. He has the scanned ion trails that lead off world and it was only a matter of time before he seeked his revenge against this ruthless mercenary and his Night Reign team...

 PostPosted: 10 Jan, 2013 

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Raids of Tyranny: Bonus Story Details
Overview of the missions: "A Scorched Return" & "Lost Signal"

A Scorched Return
When the Strato/Pirate Lord and his crew were in cryo stasis, Dredd was the last to enter his pod, but he intentionally put the ship on a course to a restricted world that no other faction of the galaxy would dare to trespass. Cleave was already on board the vessel and as the ship entered orbit of the forbidden planet, he decided to sabotage many of the ships systems. At this time Dredd was alerted and emerged from his special pilot stasis pod which was seperate from the rest of the crew. Cleave had the chance to kill all of the crew but wanted the credits for live bounty and it is here where Dredd finds the massive merc commander and confronts him in risky and violent fist fight. Cleave recognizes Dredd the ex con and asks him why you came to this forbidden planet. Dredd simply states its a forgotten world with forgotten secrets and means to claim these secrets for his leader the Strato Lord. Cleave with a real gritty look continues to throw massive power punches crippling Dredd and states that hes gonna take the girl who defeated him back on the scrap world.

Cleave then knees Dredd in the stomach and then elbows his face with tremendous force, almost killing him. Presumed dead Cleave begins to search his stolen cargo freighter and finds the crew in stasis pods. Seeing the great pirate leader/Strato Lord or what he prefers the "Scrap King", he approaches and looks up at the pod, he then says to himself that the time for there great fight will come soon. Cleave intentionally wanted a great/legendary commander battle to take place against this strange foe, and so what better way to take his girl and the beloved scientists. Walking over to Sabrina's cryo pod he activates it and sedates her while hoisting her upon his shoulder and taking her to the storage chamber in his MCU head. Finally he looks for Dredd's dead body and finds that it mysteriously vanished. Knowing now that Dredd is alive Cleave heads to engineering and overloads the ship's core starting a violent chain reaction within the vessel's vital systems.

As the massive Cargo Freighter enters the atmosphere Dredd opens all stasis pods from the cockpit of the ship freeing his leader. Dredd then informs Gavin to head for his Armored Command Unit and so he complies, the remaining crew and scientists head for the escape pods. As the pods launch, the ship tears in half and Gavin crashes with one half, while Dredd's half crashes miles away. Cleave leaves in his flying MCU head and scans the planet for a suitable base, he then notices an ancient fortress and heads to the location. As he enters the sky, tall trees litter the planet for miles and he has trouble manuevering through the thicket of branches. Cleave arrives to the ancient fortress and the massive doors suddenly open. Cleave with a puzzled expression discovers that the ancient fort was of Earth Empire origin and that it recognized an old UEF logo on his MCU head. As he enters the fort he finds more than he bargained for and admits that Dredd was right, "this forbidden planet does have its secrets"... An old ACU prototype gantry. Cleave then mutters "to hell with it, its old, but it will do", and begins to rebuild a new never before seen ACU design...

As Cleave was constructing his new MCU battle chassis, he transmits a command to a hidden Space Cruiser hovering above the planet. He then tells his 2nd in command "Goliath" to wait for his signal when he is completed with the reconstruction. Goliath then explains that the Pirate Lord is on the planet's surface inside the ancient fortress fighting Cybran forces and nocternal predators. Goliath also explains that these Cybran are no ordinary Cybran, but rather the traitorous Seven Hand Node of Gustaf Brackman. Cleave mutters to be patient and to be ready for the pick up, for he had a plan to deal with the threat and to test this so called "Scrap King". As Goliath and Cleave were discussing information a new voice appears asking Cleave what happend to his little brother named Reaver. Cleave notices who the voice is and with a chill down his spine he says to "Raphael" that he is dead and was killed way back on a forgotten scrap moon. Cleave then states that there is no need for your interference with my bounties, but Raphael then with a dark tone in his voice asks "did you claim his killer?" Cleave states he succeeded and that it is his rightfully claimed bounty & that it was difficult to claim bounties that had not exploded into a nuclear explosion. As the transmission ends, Goliath says to Cleave that Raphael is bounty hunter you should not screw around with & that his team of three known as "Trinity Elite" are known to get jobs done quickly and efficiently. Cleave angrily says he knows and to not worry about it...

Night Reign
Cleave (Leader)
Reaver (Recon Commander)
Goliath (2nd in Command)
Ridgeway (Female merc not mentioned yet)
Zark (Pilot and secret strategist not mentioned yet)

Trinity Elite
Raphael (Leader)
Unknown (?)
Unknown (?)

As you can see back ground story details can help the player understand at what each and every character experienced. Dredd and Cleave had a fist fight for a brief time and Dredd describes him as a massive merc full of carnage and anger. Dredd discovers that Cleave was the Pirate Lord's nemesis and that it should be his kill and no other commanders shall interfere with the Pirate Lord's long term goals, an honorable fight indeed. Also the player can see that Cleave had a background story during the same night.

Lost Signal
Everybody knows what happend with Gavin's experience the night of the attack. He simply encountered two new giant alien species called Parasites & Lock-jaws. He also found an old Cybran group known as the "Seven Hand Node" and a new villian named "Nero" who poses as the leader, but eventually is ratted out by another Cybran commander named "Thunder". This new bonus story explanation will tell Dredd's tale of that scary night of survival from his perspective...

To Be Continued, leave a comment on what you think of my custom story...

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Was thinking of the campaigns of the game. Each campaign is about one character of his/her faction.

UEF: Player is Sarah Clarke, the great granddaughter of the deceased General Samantha Clarke, born in the UEF Capital city on Earth. It's about her working on her Clarke Legacy, fighting against the foes of the UEF.

Cybran: Player is Cryobran, a Cybran born and raised on an unnamed arctic world. He has adapted to the cold and will serve the will of the Cybrans.

Illuminate: Player is Alura, a disciple of Kael. She continues her war against those who oppose her will initially, and must overcome her pride in order to save the Illuminate. She later learns that Kael intends to either reopen the gate to the Seraphims or construct a superweapon that is capable of obliterating entire star systems. She later finds out that Kael intends to form an alliance with the Strato Pirate Union, particularly Firaxis III.

Strato Pirate Union: Player is Firaxis III, one who intends to become Emperor of the Pirates and plans on ruling the entire galaxy, turning the Strato Pirate Union into the Strato Empire. He begins by assassinating the President who would end the second infinite war in order to keep the UEF, Cybrans, and Illuminate fighting each other so he can focus on ascending to the throne. He is the main antagonist of the game, in the final campaign, after all others are completed, he pilots an ECU (Emperor's Command Unit), which is gargantuan and mighty. He even has QAI serve his will to the final death.

Final Campaign: Choose to either play as Sarah, Cryobran, or Alura, who faces against Emperor Firaxis III.

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 PostPosted: 26 Mar, 2013 

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That's a very good idea for a game and I like the story

 PostPosted: 07 Apr, 2013 

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Not Bad...
You know these characters are pretty interesting (Sarah, Cryo., & Alura) as far as the three core factions go, but my take on the "Pirates/Strato Cons" is the origins of this splinter group. Many ideas have circled my mind to make this great saga of RTS games even better in terms of gameplay as well as a kick *** story. I was thinking about what could be a true villanous take on this universe?

How about ancient alien species (excluding Seraphim) or another version of Cybran Symbionts more powerful and a much darker in nature who have been "watching" the galaxy for millenia to strategize and take over everything including the Seraphim. An AI would make scary calculations and can have no emotion over any situation dealing with extermination, so having QAI as a villian could work to an extent. Then I started to think about Convicts, Super Soldiers, Pirates, etc. Holy Shi* were getting something here... So I decided to create a fusion of everything.

Supreme Commander 3: Raids of Tyranny (working title)
Expansion Packs/DLC would deal with the rest of the 3 factions (Aeon, UEF, Cybran), but in order to get the gears rolling we need a strong solid campaign for the Strato Cons/Pirates so this factions campaign would be much longer then the others for the leader has many enemies to take down and many worlds to conquer in order to make his mark on the galaxy. If this faction succeeds the UEF, Aeon, and Cybran (or coalition) will have quite a war on there hands, but the whole reason why the pirate leader (I'm considering him to be an anti-hero) is doing this is to stop an even darker threat/villian from clutching this galaxy and enslaving all mankind.

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