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Community Forum Ranks

Gas Powered Games has created special community forum ranks for users that are known to be helpful to other users. These ranks are “attaboys” and rewards for being a helpful part of the community. The ranks include special icons that are displayed next to the user’s chosen avatar.

The ranks are, in ascending order:

* Forum Scout
* Forum Engineer
* Forum Commander

This award is an “attaboy” we give to people within the community that we think are particularly helpful, so others on the forum know that you’ve been a voice of solid advice in the past, and our hope that you’ll continue to do so in the future.

The award doesn’t confer any special privilege or moderator-level access on the forum. It should not be construed as a request for specific future action(s) or future posts, nor should it be construed as your posts representing Gas Powered Games in any way. The award is merely our small thanks for helping make a better SupCom community.

What Makes a Good Scout/Engineer/Commander

* They provide a helping hand for players in need. This could be anything from answering questions directly, or directing users to online resources where they can get their questions answered.
* They are like the hosts of a party, attempting to meet-and-greet the guests and help them get to know one another.
* They guide the conversation. The very best ranks would post top-level topics to get conversations started. Once a topic is started and people are responding, they would direct the conversation by offering their own answers and/or friendly comments on the comments of others.
* They keep things on topic.
* They’re visible, almost an hourly presence on the forums.
* They’re walking, talking examples of the golden rule. They treat others' opinions with the same respect everyone would like to be afforded.

What Scout/Engineer/Commander Are NOT

* Ranked users are NOT the “forum police.”
* Ranked users are NOT the “voice of Gas Powered Games.”
* Ranked users are NOT above the community rules

GPGnet Community Manager

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Community Manager

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Forum Scouts

GPG Community Manager

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.

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